Club Objectives

· To foster a better acquaintance and social spirit between the various owners of Thoroughbred Sports Cars in Australia


· To help and advance Thoroughbred Sports Cars in Australia


· To establish and maintain, by example, a high standard of Conduct and a Respect of the Laws of the Road

This section of the web site  contains information on the administration of the Club. 


TSCC is incorporated as an association; Registered No. Y15083-35



TSCC is affiliated with CAMS Limited



A copy of the Constitution can  be viewed here.

On the Northern Beaches run are:

Top:                          John Slater’s magnificent  Buick

Bottom Left:            John Bailey’s Grabber Green Mustang

Top Right:               Lawrence Bromley’s Triumph Stag

Bottom Right:         Geoff Scott who has a smile on his face after acquiring a                                   Jaguar XK8