Citizen Kane Award. 

All members of the Committee vote  for the best contribution to Top Gear magazine

The Sporting Trophy for the winner of  the Sporting points score

The Donald McDonald Trophy

Is awarded annually as the President’s choice

Person who has shown enthusiasm, drive & encouragement to other Members whilst achieving a high standard of contribution all for the betterment of the Thoroughbred Sports Car Club in the style & tradition of our 'Don'"

Donated by John Burton & Lester Gough

The Car of the Year Trophy

Was presented by John Thompson Sports Cars

The Borrani Wheels Trophy

was presented by Jim Peters of Borrani Wheels for the member who best represents the ‘Spirit of the TSCC’


The Clubman Trophy is our oldest trophy which was presented by Classic Car Insurance in 1981. In 2013 the old  penny  farthing  representing a good peddler was updated.

The winner is based on our Pointscore system maintained by Terry Daly.