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The Club is a member of CAMS and has a permanent position for a CAMS delegate.


This position has been held for a number of years by Lester Gough, here receiving his Life Membership at the Club’s 30th Anniversary celebrations in 2011.


As a CAMS car club we enjoy a number of benefits:


Insurance is arranged by CAMS and provides Public Liability cover for the Club, its Committee and its Members when on events. Full details are available here: 
CAMS Insurance Link


CAMS Events

As a member of CAMS our members can obtain CAMS Licences and can participate in CAMS events. Links to these appear in our Events section.


Club members Les & Roselee Johnson (HooRoo) and Terry Daly and Robert Brill  took part in a number of long distance marathon events including the 1993 London Sydney pictures below.  Both Terry & Les still have their cars.


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