The Club is a member of the Council of Motor Clubs which represents the interests of the vast majority of car clubs in NSW.

The Council was originally named “The Council of Veteran, Vintage and Thoroughbred Motor Clubs”.

In recent years, the Council became an incorporated body and was re-named as “The Council of Motor Clubs, Inc.”. The CMC is also affiliated with the Australian Historic Motoring Federation, a national organisation uniting similarly orientated councils from around Australia.

The role of the CMC is a representative one – it represents affiliated clubs and their members with authorities such as the RMS with reference to Conditional Historic Registration, the Federal Government on matters such as leaded fuel and its continued availability, and such like.

The President is Terry Thompson and Lester Gough is the Membership Secretary and the club’s delegate to the CMC is Derek Scott.

The CMC organises the Shannon’s Display Day every August and the TSCC has supported this event for a number of years.

Minutes of CMC General Meetings and Annual General Meetings for the last 12 months can be downloaded from this link:



The CMC is a member of ACMC, a group that brings together the CMC and a number of other representative bodies.  The President is Tony O’Donnell, the CMC representative, and the patron is Alan Hay.

The ACMC was formed in the aftermath of changes to the NSW legislation in relation to the modification of vehicles and the introduction of the VSCCS.  As originally implemented motoring enthusiasts were substantially disadvantaged . 

Once ACMA was formed an Enthusiasts Conference was held at Eastern Creek in 2012 which the Minister, Duncan Gay attended.  This conference marked the beginning of a fruitful dialogue between the RMS, the Minister and the ACMA. 


The release of a revised brake test and in November VSI-6 results from that collaboration.  VSI-6 provides clear information on modifications that are permitted and those that require engineering certification.  A copy can be downloaded from here:



Peter Stefan takes part in the TSCC parade laps at the CMC Display Day

at Eastern Creek in his immaculate Jaguar E Type Coupe