The original objectives of the club are as follows:


To promote, foster and conduct recreational and competitive motoring activities and foster motorsport generally in all its forms;

To promote friendship and courtesy on the road, socially, and in competition between members of the Club;

To promote and engender social activities;

To conduct meetings and classes whereby members may obtain knowledge enabling them to become better drivers and to maintain their vehicles in a high standard of efficiency;

To affiliate with the CONFEDERATION OF AUSTRALIAN MOTOR SPORT acknowledging its constitution and observing the National Competition Rules;

The Club shall affiliate with any and all such other like-minded clubs from time to time as shall be deemed appropriate to enable the Club to deliver its stated objectives more fully, such affiliations to be decided by the Committee and advised to members through the Club website and other communications.

To foster better acquaintance and social spirit between the various owners of thoroughbred sports cars in Australia;

To help advance thoroughbred sports cars owners and ownership;

To establish and maintain by example a high standard of conduct and a respect of the laws of the road;

On 14th November 2012 the Club adopted a new Constitution at an Extraordinary

General Meeting.  This new Constitution is the one developed under the Associations

Incorporation Act of 2009 by NSW Fair Trading.  A copy of this may be downloaded

from here.


In addition at the same EGM the Club adopted a Policy & Procedures Manual which

incorporates our original objectives and which sets our the Policies and Procedures

that are specific to our club.


A copy of this document may be downloaded from this here.


The Policy & Procedure Manual may be modified by the Committee as required to

meet the changing needs of the club.  It is expected that we will maintain our Constitution

in line with any changes specified by NSW Fair Trading.


This is the first magazine produced by the club.  It contains an excellent report of a lap dash at Oran Park where the FTD went to some bloke in a Holden powered A30.   Wonder who that could have been?

Click on the cover to read it.