The first edition of our club magazine Top Gear featured AXK140, the Jaguar of Lionel Walker.† The same car was an award winner at our Pride of Ownership Day in 2011 and it still sports the same registration.

In fact we still have many of the founding members in the club and they remain among our most active members.† People like Les Johnson very rarely miss a meeting, is always great fun to be with, and invariably arrive in fabulous machinery that is beautifully presented!

He is also one of a number of members to help maintain the clubís Aston Martin heritage.

The early editions of Top Gear, our club magazine, have been scanned and are available for download in the Publications section.† We have an objective of making all the magazines available so all members have full access to the history of the club.

In 2016 we celebrated the 35th Anniversary of the Club at Bathurst and were fortunate to have a total of seven past and the current President at the event† as well as 7 of the 8 life members.†

A souvenir edition of Top Gear was produced and all of the past presidents tell the story of their years in the chair.

What better way to read what happened in the early years of your club?† The souvenir edition can also be downloaded from the Publications section.†


Top: Gael & Lionelís XK140 at the Peaks Run in 2014

Left:† The first edition of Top Gear.† Click on the cover to read it.

Above:† A picnic at Warragamba Dam was reported in this issue of Top Gear and look at the mouth watering line up that included a pair of very distinctive Reliant Scimitars.