The club’s Pointscore Keeper is Terry Daly.

The winner based on this pointscore receives the very unique  Clubman Trophy.

Scores are based upon the Function Attendance form that is submitted to Terry Daly by event organisers.

The pointscore is based on the following:

Organising Events

Dinner - 2 points

Weekend away, 1 day event, Wednesday run - 3 points

Big trip (double the above maximum) - 6 points


Attending Events

Weekend away, 1 day event , club meeting - 3 points

Dinners - 2 points

TSCC Motorsport events - 1 point

Big trip - 6 points


Magazine Articles

Per article - 2 points up to a maximum 10 points per annum


The club  organises two or three weekends away each year.  These pictures show us at the Utes in the Paddock on our Forbes weekend; we also went to Parkes and Cowra.