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The TSCC Top Gear Editor

The club has two primary publications, the bi-monthly magazine Top Gear and this Web Site.

Top Gear

Top Gear is edited by Stephen Knox and is supplied to members in a downloadable PDF format.†

See the Publications section of this site for current and back issues.

Members are encouraged to provide contributions to the magazine; please email the editor at this address:

Copy deadline is the 20th of the month preceding publication, i.e. February, April, June etc.† The magazine is generally issued at the end of the month of publication.


The TSCC Web Site

The web site is designed to provide a source of current information to members and prospective members.

The Webmaster is Rick Johnson seen in this picture in full 007 mode at the 2013 Carnivale.† Sadly father Lesí DB4C has since been sold.

All contributions and suggestions to the Webmaster:††††††

Mobile:† 0437 434 007