Each year the club organises a major trip away, usually for 10 days to 2 weeks.

I2010 Terry & Robyn Daly organised a fabulous trip to the South Island of New Zealand.  Click here for some of Jeremy’s pics.

I2011 this was brilliantly organised by Barry Farr & Dott Forrester and involved a trip down the Great Ocean Road to South Australia and a run in the Bay to Birdwood event for those with eligible cars.  See the October version of Top Gear for a full run down on this magnificent trip.

2012 Julie Braithwaite organised a trip to Malaysia, but was unfortunately not able to go as Jeremy had to go to hospital for spinal surgery.  It didn't help when everybody came back and said what a good time they had had!

I2013 Terry & Robyn Daly organised a great Tour of the North Island of New Zealand.  All the pictures are here.

I2014 the Big Trip was organised by Jeremy & Julie Braithwaite visited the High Country and the South Coast.   The pic below was taken at the Marlo Hotel where we enjoyed a great Melbourne Cup lunch.

2015 Barry Farr & Dott Forrester organised the Big Trip to Tasmania.

I2016 Terry & Robyn Daly are organised The “Silver Fern Tour” of the South Island of New Zealand.

2017 Julie & Jeremy Braithwaite are organising a “Lap of NSW from Saturday 4 to Sunday 19 November. See here for details

2018— The big trip this year has been cancelled due to lack of interest from members. Something really BIG maybe in pipework for 2019.





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