Each year the club organises a major trip away, usually for 10 days to 2 weeks.

In 2010 Terry & Robyn Daly organised a fabulous trip to the South Island of New Zealand.  Click here for some of Jeremy’s pics.

In 2011 this was brilliantly organised by Barry Farr & Dott Forrester and involved a trip down the Great Ocean Road to South Australia and a run in the Bay to Birdwood event for those with eligible cars.  See the October version of Top Gear for a full run down on this magnificent trip.

In 2012 Julie Braithwaite organised a trip to Malaysia, but was unfortunately not able to go as Jeremy had to go to hospital for spinal surgery.  It didn't help when everybody came back and said what a good time they had had!

In 2013 Terry & Robyn Daly organised a great Tour of the North Island of New Zealand.  All the pictures are here.

In 2014 the Big Trip was organised by Jeremy & Julie Braithwaite visited the High Country and the South Coast.   The pic below was taken at the Marlo Hotel where we enjoyed a great Melbourne Cup lunch.

In 2015 Barry Farr & Dott Forrester organised the Big Trip to Tasmania.

In 2016 Terry & Robyn Daly are organised The “Silver Fern Tour” of the South Island of New Zealand.

For 2017 Julie & Jeremy Braithwaite are organising a “Lap of NSW from Saturday 4 to Sunday 19 November. See here for details





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