SMUGMUG is a great hosting company for professional photographers, and equally great for our amateur TSCC photographers, and our shiny TSCC smugmug site is here at:


Over the past 5 or 6 years you may have noticed that most of the photos we have attached to the TSCC website are links to Jeremy’s own SmugMug website which has a Thoroughbred gallery named


With the TSCC having its own Smugmug gallery and no longer having to rely on Jeremy’s hard work to capture the clubs history the great news is that members can load their own pics to the TSCC site with just a little help from the trusty TSCC Webmaster. 


The only thing you need is your own pics (you need to have taken them or have copyright to them) and access to a web browser like goggle for example.


With these two parts to the puzzle, you simply email Rick Johnson at: and advise what event or social gathering the photos are from that you would like to share on the TSCC website and I will create and send you back a link.


When you receive this link via email, open the link by clicking on it and it will open a page like this ... see below ...  which you then literally drag the pics to using Explorer or whatever file management software you have on your PC.


Once you have added your pics they will automatically appear in “Through The Ages